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Bonnie Agro Industry is a diary production company established by its owner Mrs. Asnakech Thomas, farmer and producer of the well known Amaro Gayo Organic Specialty Coffee brand, ran the farm before 30 years by buying two Jersey breed heifers initially for filling her own in house demand. During her stay in England and Italy, working on cattle production, she extended her experience including artificial insemination by acquiring 6.7 hectares of land at Sendafa and managed the husbandry practices.
As a result of her commitment to stay in the dairy business, the farm recently reached to having a total of 98 different herds that produce an average of 1039 liters of milk per day. She creating a reputation by supplying top quality Cheese and other dairy products.

The farm, once fully operational, has the potential to create employment opportunities for 47 individuals whom many of them are local women and provide steady and secure income for 200 smallholder farmers (out-growers) that can individually supply up to 10 liters of milk per day for processing.

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The Founder

Mrs. Asnakech is a remarkable role model for every Ethiopian farm owners, especially women. Her aim to help out the local farmers around her benefit many local farmers to change their life status and to be stable in their income, which is the new main goal of Ethiopia in this new resistance period.  By doing this and many other beneficial things Mrs. Asnakech has acquired lots of recognition, certificates and trophies throughout the years.

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