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I started with 2 cows a few years back, and I acquired land in the countryside at Sendafa about 35 kilometres outside Addis Ababa on the main road to Debre Berhan. I had 4 ha and this was supplemented by 6 ha from the government for 50 years for my use. At Sendafa there are 80 dairy animals (Friesian cross-bred cows, bulls, in–calf cows, heifers, calves) that are looked after by 18 workers. All animals are regularly seen by veterinarians.

At my compound in Kotebe district in Addis Ababa there are 25 cattle of which 17 are lactating cows who daily give 150 litres.

The dairy workers at Kotebe number 3 and we produce raw milk that we sell at a milk shop in the Tele Medhanealem district of Addis Ababa.

Besides our own production of Ethiopia eyb we also buy-in eyb. We process and sell it to a major hotel. We also make our own, unique cream cheese that we sell to a large supermarket. Speciality cheese-making is an area that could be developed. I was trained as a cheese-maker at Somerset Agricultural College in England.

I am also a qualified inseminator for dairy cattle having been trained by the Milk Marketing Board at Derby in England.

We have recently increased our cattle barns at Sendafa and we are now able to accommodate ?????????? dairy animals.

Used, first class dairy and cheese-making equipment can be obtained in Europe, but because of lack of funding, staffing and training problems we have been unable to develop modern milking and cheese-making production methods.

We need, for example, items such as:

S/S Tanks
S/S Cooling tanks
Cheese press
S/S churns, moulds, tables
A modern milk room, ie., Mini- dairy

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