Future Plan

The existing dairy an1mals are all exotic breeds (Holstein Friesians) amounting 53 cows, 39 heifers, 25 female calves, 6 male calves, 6 new born calves and a total of 20 young and mature bulls. The total value of the animal resources of the farm is 2.75 million ETB.This animal wealth is considered as an initial resource for breeding and maintaining the desired animal herd required for the dairy production during the projected years.

In addition to the above described current resources situated on the farm, it h<1s different motor vehicles, machinery, dairy equipment and office furniture which are all utilized while running existing operations. The topo-Map that shows the location is illustrated below


The Expansion Plan

The desired construction projects to be incorporated during the projected 5 years are assumed to be basic constructions and machineries that will enable transferring the farm to a modern dairy production and processing farm capable of providing the leading dairy products to the metropolitan city of Addis Ababa.

The total land available will be allocated to be proportionally used for office, different animal shades, dairy processing center and limited pasture and grazing areas to supplement purchased feeds. Considerable space is required for buildings, future expansion, parking of transport vehicles and for empty cans. About 1.5 hectares of land is required for a milk processing plant handling about 10000 litres of milk per day (8 hours). However, the built-up area to total area should be normally around 1:3. The exact design and details of the built up area has to be decided in consultation with the plant and machinery supplier or with a professional dairy consultant.

The construction cost of buildings and civil works is estimated at birr 40,990,071.51. Similarly, the cost for installing the dairy processing plant will be 11,500,000birr. The general Farm layout as explained in the design annexed is assumed to encompass an office, animal barns, processing hall, veterinary service centre, pasture land and parking lot accessible and conducive for the aspired operation

The farm has planned to construct two twin and one other modern barns that will accommodate up to 200 heifers, calves and maternity place. The planned barns will have access for feed, watering, and enough space for cleaning and sanitation. In addition the robotic milking macr.ine will be installed for maintaining the quality of milk produced. It is estimated to cost 16,434,264.51 birr.

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